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About the Institute

The HSE Institute of Legal Research is part of the HSE Faculty of Law. The Institute was founded in 2005 and specializes in research and advising projects in the area of legal support of reforms in economy, public administration and budgetary relations, as well as legal support of the activity of governmental and commercial bodies. The Institute's employees are members of the Center of Public Law at the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, International Academy of Comparative Law, a number of expert committees under the President of the RF, State Duma, the RF Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor's Office and the Supreme Court. They have also participated in legislative drafting work, expertise of legal acts, including expert works for the Council of Europe, and advised the RF Accounts Chamber and the RF Ministry of Economic Development. They regularly participate in expert discussions organized by Russian offices of such foundations as Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Heritage Foundation and others.

The list of foreign and international partners of the Institute of Legal Research includes the Center of Public Law at the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, the Council of Europe, International Academy of Comparative Law, Russian-European Center for Economic Policy and others.

Key areas of research at the Institute are:

  • Problems of law effectiveness, problems of law application;
  • Legal monitoring;
  • Legal support of economic activity, law and economy;
  • Legal means of maintaining market conditions in the economy; correlation between private and public interests in the legal regulation of economic processes;
  • Intellectual property law;
  • Legal status of commercial and non-commercial organizations;
  • Legal means of conflict resolution in the economy;
  • Proprietary right, incl. the problems of property rights protection;
  • Turnover of immovable property, incl. registration of rights for real estate and dealings with real estate, turnover of the land etc.;
  • Natural resource law, environmental law;
  • Dealings and right of obligation, incl. the problems of naked contracts and naked obligations (incl. exchange law) etc.;
  • State purchasing contracts;
  • Protection of the good faith purchaser;
  • Budget structure and budgetary processes;
  • Legal regulation of the social sphere;
  • State property administration;
  • State and local administration;
  • Legal mechanism of public services;
  • Problems of federalism;
  • Comparative law;
  • Interrelation between the government and the business;
  • Corruption and the Legal System;
  • Problems of judiciary reform and judiciary authority;
  • Civil and arbitration process, enforcement proceeding;
  • Organization of research in other areas of law science and the Faculty of Law.



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